What we do:


Stand-Up for the pet’s inoculation spaying and neutering program addresses the issue by targeting specific solutions to eradicate the problem of pet overpopulation by providing treatments to animals who would otherwise go untreated. Register here.

Pet inoculations and vaccinations are an important part of our preventative wellness program. Providing these Treatments safeguards and protects your pet against deadly diseases, like rabies, that can also affect humans. These important Vaccinations will also protect pets against contagious illnesses, like parvo and  distemper.


The program provides education and pays for treatments and services for families who are disadvantaged and unable to see a Veterinarian due to limited financial resources. Being able to keep up with pet inoculation treatments will save money and in the long run prevent many serious illnesses not to mention potentially expensive health problems. 

Approximately 3 million adoptable dogs and cats are put down each year in US shelters. There are thousands of pets put to sleep every year because the owners can no longer afford to pay for treatments or can not afford them at all. Program is accessible and available to all who are in need. “If someone feels that they are in need…then we feel that they are in need.” Mario St-Cyr (founder) Donations go directly to the intended recipients – to provide those treatments to animals in Broward County – at no charge.


Free treatments we provide:

Distemper * Parvo * Vaccines * Kennel Cough * Rabies * Fecal Exam * Deworming * Heartworm Test



Stand-Up for a Cause offers these treatments at the Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac (open to all Broward County residents) Our friends at the Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac have offered their time and professional expertise to help Broward County pets, and their owners, and at no cost to anyone.



Stand-Up for a Cause Creates and administers ongoing social events that bring people and their pets together, to raise funds, create awareness, educate the community and foster a new generation of socially responsible pet owners.

To make sure that demand is met, we hope to raise $50,000 to provide treatment to 1000 pets in 2014!

Here’s how you can help:


Donate Online to the Stand-Up for the pets program by credit card using Pay-Pal with our secure online payment services. You can make a donation with Pay-Pal even if you don’t have a Pay-Pal account.

Your kind donation provides treatments to Broward county pets. Receive your FREE bracelet and help spread awareness for treating 1000 animals in 2014. Each donation receives a FREE debossed wristband with the Stand-Up for a Cause logo. One size, fits all. Latex-free and child-safe. 100% silicone.  Any donation big or small is greatly appreciated.

$50 – helps 1 family and their Pet

$100 – helps 2 families and their Pet

$500 – helps 10 families and their Pet

$1000 – helps 20 families and their Pet

$10,000 – helps 200 families and their Pet





You can also send your check or money order to:

Stand-Up for a Cause

3296 N. Federal Hwy. #39392

Fort Lauderdale Florida